April 13, 2018

Hey there Trailblazer!

I trust you have been making this week as magnificent as you are!

Earlier this week on my broadcast of  #WAKEUPCALL , I discussed the FIVE steps of how to prepare for promotion. I've summed it up below for you here:

1. Have a burning desire. Id...

April 5, 2018

  1. Never have I ever used AirBnb; but now I've used it eight times. 

  2. Never have I ever slept in an outshed; but now I have and happened to share it with the nicest refugee who used an old bicycle to get to his three jobs. 😳

  3. Never have I ever gotten out of bed and squished...

March 5, 2018

Dear Trailblazer,

If you have read any of my blogs so far, I hope they leave you feeling uplifted and empowered!

I am sure you are aware of the recent mass shooting that took place on a high school campus down in Parkland, Florida last month that left seventeen people d...