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The 4 Key Principles That Saved Tabitha's Life and Countless of Her Clients Lives! 

Secret #1: How To Reduce Stress in 7 minutes! 

Secret #2: How To Boost Your Energy Levels by over 100%! 

Secret #3: How You Can Decrease The Risk of Diseases! 

Secret #4: How To Reverse The #1 Most Dangerous Weakness

That Affects 8 in 10 Americans daily! 



1. Reduce and Reverse stress

2. Improve Your Sleep

3. Increase Your Energy Levels by 100%

4. Gain up to an extra 3 hours a day

5. Boost Your Confidence

6. Establish Healthy Boundaries without guilt

7. Decrease your risks of diseases by over 200%

...and how you can do it under 7 minutes a day!

TOTAL VALUE = $6,785

TOTAL VALUE = $6,785


 #1 49 MSM Boot Camp Coaching Video Sessions 

You will learn how to effectively declutter your mind, spirit, and body to reduce stress and reverse the #1 weakness in America that affects 8 in 10 Americans daily = Value of $2,847

#2 70 PAGE MSMBC Journal Workbook

Contains the notes covered in each Coaching video, the mindstyle makeover training exercises, and the Self-Care routine for the day. = Value of $119

#3 The 7 Level Life Enhancing Meditation Video Series

Combined Total of  7 hours of guided meditation where you learn how to control your thoughts to stop producing stress in your body. It is created with soothing relaxing music that’s perfect to fall asleep to or use during the day when you feel overwhelmed.

= Value of $595

 #4 Breath N Stretch Home Program

The program provides an array of stretch movements that helps your body decrease in pain and tension and increase in improved circulation, muscle mobility, and skeletal flexibility.

The Breath N Stretch Home Program is perfect for the Beginner - Intermediate Level.

= Value of $199

#5 Exclusive Champion Circle FB Group 

The secret sauce to success lies in consistent accountability. You’ll have access to like minded champions who desire similar results such as yourself to keep you encouraged and uplifted through this journey.

•I host weekly LIVE Q & A Sessions. Where you submit your questions in advance and get them answered from me LIVE.

= Value of $1,995

#6 Secret Champion shopping list & Top 7 Healthy Recipes  

My Secret Champion shopping list & Top 7 recipes I’ve followed for years to stay tone and fit. = Value of $190

#7 1 year FREE Membership to MINDstyle MAKEOVER Online Library

Get access to  over 300 hours of recorded life enhancing broadcasts series and select trainings, exclusive VIP access to upcoming events, crazy discounts on select products, and weekly tips to add Balance to your daily routine----totally FREE for 1 year!!! =

Value of $840

TOTAL VALUE = $6,785