HER 30 Day Healing E-book Journal

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Do you struggle with forgiving someone who has hurt you repeatedly? You're not alone I've been where you are. What I've come to learn from nearly having a heart attack at 21 years old, is that unforgiveness can actually destroy one's health and ability to enjoy life to the fullest! Since I have forgiven my health and relationships have massively improved! 


Download this powerful 30 Day Healing Journal and get started on your path to healing and freedom.


Once you've purchased this guide do the following:

  1. Print it
  2. Put holes in it
  3. Place it in a three ring binder


I encourage you to print and go through this e-guide as many times as you must until you've been able to use the massive power of forgiveness to free you from the prison of fear and pain unforgiveness creates. 

  • File Format

    Downloadable pdf format. 


Tabitha Christopher, uses the power of personal story to empower and embolden you to live fearlessly; while helping you to become a more healthy, balanced, and innovative

leader both personally and professionally.  


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