How to deal with an 'OFF' month

October 9, 2017

Dear Fellow Trailblazer,

I don't know if you have ever experienced an 'off' day, week, month, or even a year? I have to admit to you, last month (September) was an ‘off month’ for me. I started the first couple of days pretty good. I was going strong with my list of things to do, the goals I was set to accomplish etc. Then Hurricane Season went from bad to worse starting in Texas to wiping out my entire home country, the U.S. Virgin Islands; then it was Mexico, now Puerto Rico! So many people, including many of my family back home are without HOMES, CLOTHING, FOOD after these Hurricanes. Unfortunately, Hurricane Season is far from finish as it continues through November. Thank goodness it only comes every seven to ten years to give everyone a chance to rebuild.  


Well, here on the mainland before the hurricanes hit there has been ongoing heartache, death, political division, racial division, hate riots, to another mass shooting in Las Vegas this month! Maybe you have been going through your own personal storm that has left you in disarray. Trailblazer, what are we to do? 


The harsh reality is, if we don’t take responsibility for our own action or lack thereof, these storms will only get worse over time. 



 I am seeing and understanding more now than ever, the importance for us to take hold of the responsibility to become what we desire to experience in this life. You want peace? YOU BE the peacemaker.


You want to feel loved by your spouse, friends, boss, or co-workers? YOU BE kind to others. You want inspirational friends? YOU SPEAK words that will inspire yourself first.  You want traffic to go away forever? YOU learn to wait and BE patient. You want others to value you? YOU INVEST in yourself the values you wish to be valued for.




 What I've concluded in all of this is that many times we adults want to blame the youth for the issues society is plagued with. When the truth is the problems we face today fall squarely on all of our shoulders. It is up to ME to change ME. It is up to YOU to change ONLY you, in order to influence and impact others to becoming that FEARLESS INNOVATIVE TRAILBLAZER who will impact others in a powerful and positive way!

Help Rebuild the U.S. Virgin Islands

If you would like to help my country to rebuild after the devastation of two Category 5 Hurricanes, here are 3 ways you can help:

1) Order from the Amazon Wish list items that are priority now. Go to:

2) Ship goods and supplies of clothing, baby items, feminine products, canned goods, water, flashlights, kerosene lamps, to:

PENTEL Attn: VI RELIEF 2715 Columbia Street, CA 90503

3) Donate Monies here:






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