I finally said 'YES'!

November 8, 2017

Dear fellow Trailblazer,


It was 2015 and I was two years into the process of learning the power of sharing my story. Sharing took me from a place of masked worry, suppressed stress, closet depression to realizing my powerfully packed potential to impact the lives of others who were hurting as I was.  Along the way were people I like to call guardian angels who walked me through to healing--my mother of course, sister, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, mentors, supervisor; and then there was one special lady, Julieann Hartman. 



Julieann, came in like a quiet storm who pushed, prodded, and at times pulled me out of my misery! As faith would have it she "randomly" met the founder of YES (Youth Empowerment Summit) Dorina Timbol, who was looking for a Keynote Speaker for their 2015 summit.  


At that time I didn't think I was ready to stand before any youth because there was still a ways I had to go in my healing and forgiving. Julieann once again convinced me that it was time to step out from behind the curtain, the walls of defense I put up and do what I was called to do---reach and impact the youth now! 


So...I said 'yes' to YES and it was one of the BEST decisions I had made! Now this past Saturday on November 5th, was my third time as their Keynote. The transformation and healing that has taken place in my life is one of which I have God and the amazing community of people in my life to thank! 


Trailblazer, saying 'yes' to do something I didn't feel quite ready for, put me on the path to fulfilling my WHY I was created. Saying 'yes' in taking the leap from one career to another with no back up plan, caused me to see the resilience, grace, and massive support system that's always been there to aid in the process. </