Make 2018 your best year!

January 2, 2018

AAAAhhhh Trailblazer! Are you excited about 2018!?


I sure hope so! I am thrilled about the amazing new adventures that are going to unfold. I believe many lives are going to be transformed for the better because you lived the story you desire to be remembered for!


For a long time I existed behind masks of pretense--pretending to be completely happy and satisfied with life, when I was not. Thank goodness this burning desire within grew and got louder pushing me to break those barriers of pretense and push beyond the status quo to live out my purpose of being.


That's not to say I don't feel fear or that I am not bombarded with thoughts of doubt at times. What I am saying, is that I have made the decision to crush them both, by doing everything they (fear and doubt) said I could not do. In 2017 with no agent or publicists, I did 35 speaking engagements between Florida, California, and Arizona for high schools, middle schools, colleges, churches, prisons, juvenile detention centers, and community focused organizations. This year, I will do at least 100. 


This 2018 I am choosing to put all of my trust in God as I step into my power with all that's in me. My communication skills as a speaker, my talent as a entertainer, my creativeness as a writer, and my passion for people to bring to fruition my dream of helping 1 billion youth worldwide by 2025, BREAK BARRIERS OF PRETENSE, to live out their fullest potential! 


Commit to you first


Trailblazer, as you go out to conqueror this year don't forget to first take care of you. Don't lose your peace in exchange for temporary praises or pleasures.


Leave the past behind you!


If you haven't done this yet, get a scrap sheet of paper and write down at least 10 things/habits/thoughts you do NOT want to take into 2018. After you've written them down, BURN, SHRED, or FLUSH that scrap sheet of paper out of your life.


Realizing your Goals


Next: On another sheet of paper (I personally have created a vision board using Google Slides and execution steps using excel spreadsheet) write down your dream, your vision, your goals for 2018. Take a picture of that list, put it as a screensaver for your phone, or stick on your bathroom mirror so you can see it daily.


You can only WIN


It's true! You only WIN! You can't lose if you choose to never quit. And trailblazers like you, never give up. So WIN on purpose, for purpose, and with purpose!  


Write and tell me, the story you are going to write, share, and live out this year!  I would love to hear from you! Email me your story at, 


Keep Winning On Purpose!


-Tabitha Christopher

Entertainer & Motivational Speaker


Let's make this 2018 the greatest year you've every lived! 


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