Why do we have mass killings?

March 5, 2018

Dear Trailblazer,


If you have read any of my blogs so far, I hope they leave you feeling uplifted and empowered!


I am sure you are aware of the recent mass shooting that took place on a high school campus down in Parkland, Florida last month that left seventeen people dead and many others injured physically and scarred emotionally. I assure you this blog is not going to retell what happened, we'll leave that to the news outlets. 


Instead, I want to explore the question of, 'What is the root cause for these mass killings?' Do you think it is solely the guns? I must say I do agree that guns do cause extensive damage rather quickly; but is it the root cause? 


I believe the answer to that question goes beyond the President, law makers, the NRA, or mental health claims.  I know all to well from personal experience that there is a deep and overwhelming need in the hearts of all of us, especially our youth, to know the answers to these questions---

  1. Who am I? 

  2. Why was I born? 

  3. Am I valuable or worthy of love and acceptance?

  4. Where am I from? 

  5. What is my purpose?


As a child, I did a good job at acting like everything was fine until my body started acting up and seized in a panic attack, putting me into a complete prostrate position on my desk at school. I was eight years old. The school nurse tried her best to ask the 'right' questions to find the cause of why this happened to a strong and healthy child. I was told I would get in trouble if I spoke of 'private family matters' to anyone outside of our circle. So I said nothing about the constant physical and verbal abuse at home, at school and in the streets by bullies. 


Being an honor roll student, coming from a upper middle class two parent household, athlete, and always respectful to others---it was hard for those on the outside to see signs that I was reaching a tipping point. It started small with spurts of violence that caused physical and emotional damage to the victim. That victim was first me, having internalized feelings of hurts mixed with thoughts and beliefs that I wasn't valuable because of the constant abuse I was experiencing.