21 Things I Said I Would Never Do....😏

April 5, 2018

  1. Never have I ever used AirBnb; but now I've used it eight times. 

  2. Never have I ever slept in an outshed; but now I have and happened to share it with the nicest refugee who used an old bicycle to get to his three jobs. 😳

  3. Never have I ever gotten out of bed and squished earth worms under my feet; but now I have five times and am no longer afraid or grossed out by them. 

  4. Never have I ever gotten five parking tickets in less than 21 days; but now I have given sworn allegiance to supporting cities I've only lived for less than a week's time. JK 😄! I definitely have become more aware of street signs everywhere I go.

  5. Never have I ever been told to use the outside bathroom located in the backyard of a host's house; but I did and it was far from pleasant. Now, I don't take for granted a sanitary, dry, and welcoming bathroom.

  6. Never have I ever bought a Onsie Cat pajama with the ears and tail, just to make me laugh and divert my mind from dismal and challenging circumstances. Yet I did and it was a great laugh for me and my temporary housemates. 🤣 



  7. Never have I ever rented a car to merely sleep in it; but I did four times and now have grown in empathy and sympathy for those who don't have shelter at all.


8. Never have I ever heard of Rosemead, Temple City, Monterrey Park let alone live there. Yet now I can truly say I've lived in more cities in SoCal than the average person who was born here or are transplants like myself. Total cities I've lived in SoCal is twelve. Four cities over seven years and eight cities within three months. I now can easily get rid of things realizing its value is not greater than my mind. have no attachment 


9. Never have I ever lived in a six bedroom mansion with forty-five other people. Now I am overly grateful to spend 20 minutes in the bathroom to get ready in oppose to someone threatening me to get out because my 10 minutes is almost up.


10. Never have I ever had someone steal food from me three times within three days. Now I value more the principal of loving your neighbor as you love yourself.


11. Never have I ever slept in a room with nine other women. Now I value undisturbed sleep. 


12. Never have I ever escaped to a cold garage for peace and quiet. Now I treasure the solitude of "me" and "alone" time that much more.


13. Never have I ever just slept for three hours each night over the course of twelve weeks. Now I value slep and rest until my body naturally wakes itself up six to seven hours later. 


14. Never have I ever tried to produce two major events while living out of suitcase and moving every few days. Now I know how to make decisions quickly, manifest the idea, execute, fail, learn, try again until the results can not be ignored.


15. Never have I ever lived in a house where the only language spoken was Chinese. Now I've learned how to communicate from my heart and have formed a life long friendship with my newly adopted Chinese Grandparents.