How To Prepare For Promotion in 5 Easy Steps!

April 13, 2018

Hey there Trailblazer!


I trust you have been making this week as magnificent as you are!


Earlier this week on my broadcast of  #WAKEUPCALL , I discussed the FIVE steps of how to prepare for promotion. I've summed it up below for you here:


1. Have a burning desire. Ideas come to our head constantly. Yet no matter how many times an idea pops into your mind, if you lack the burning desire to do something with it, then it will not happen. In order to get that promotion or change in current circumstances you must have a committed burning desire to ignite the passion to manifest it.


2. Visualize it. Allow for your imagination to run wild! This requires you to take time to get still and quiet to allow your thoughts to form. This steps takes time, patience, and undistracted focus. 



3. Write it. Have a vision or dream journal handy to daily record the thoughts and ideas that come. As you write down your thoughts the more clear your vision will become. Your goal is to be able to write your vision in one sentence. This is also where the strategic planning comes in. You start from the finish result and work your way backwards to the start of the vision.


Helpful Tip: *Strategic planning can be very intimidating and this is the step where most innovataors and dreamers quit. Find a mentor who specializes in that field of work you are wanting to improve. The internet is also a great source as well. 


4. Speak it. Share your dream with people you trust and desire to see you succeed. Don’t be discouraged if someone you trust doesn’t understand it, keep sharing it till you find the handle of one to two people who are excited to ask you questions to cause you to imagine and see your vision more clearly. 


Helpful Tip: *Most people will not understand a dream or vision that has not been done at your place of work, or in y